Who is Marisol Ruiz?

Hi – the name is Marisol Ruiz, I’m 32 years old born and raised in Arizona. I actually signed up for this blog site in 2016 and have only published a few posts that I never shared. Writing has always been therapeutic to me so I figured I’d start sharing some of my writings with everyone. Granted I haven’t posted too much but I plan to change that – I’ve gained more confidence and grace for myself that I don’t feel as timid as before to just be authentically me and share my posts…knowing some people will love it and connect with me and others may think I am dramatic (they are right but it may not be to their liking).

I like to think of myself as an open book and I’m happy to share the good, the funny, the motivating, the hard, the ugly and all of the above.

A few things that I love:

Myself (you gotta put you first always)

My Honey – Francisco Isaula (follow him on IG at @AZBeardedRealtor)

My Family (Older sister Norma, Brother in law Daniel, and Mami Hermosa)

My Dad (he’s in heaven living his best life, I’ll write a post on how I know this)

My three fur babies

    • Baby – Poodle
    • Safi – Golden/Pit bull
    • Luna – Blue Nose Pit-Bull

Ice Cream (let’s me honest, I REALLY LOVE IT)

Crossfit (shout out to Litchfield Park Crossfit)

Inferno Pilates, Cycling, Bikram Yoga (shoutout to OneFire Avondale)

Friends (I seriously have the bestest friends a gal can have)

Therapy (I’m a huge advocate for mental health awareness)

Tequila (your girl can take shots)

Reading (I need to do this more often – I have a library at home)

Feel free to read my blog posts, share with me if you liked it or not, follow me on instagram to know all about my crazy life @MariR29

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