Photoshoot Day 1

Hi World –

Today is November 14th, 2020.

I feel like today I get to reintroduce myself to not just the world but really – to myself.

See the past 15 months I’ve had a desire to do something more with my life . Mind you – I have 11 year career in corporate America, I own my own home and I have so many blessings at my fingertips. Why did I want to shake shit up when, to the outside world…I truly have the American Dream???? Well because my soul told me it wasn’t enough for what my human form was supposed to accomplish. I felt devastated and a bit depressed thinking how could I not be fulfilled with all the accomplishments I already had?

I decided to connect mind body and spirit to a new journey while still keeping my 9-5 gig. I decided to start connecting with likeminded empowered woman that were perhaps 10-20 chapters ahead compared to my chapter 1….okay not even my chapter one. I was at the preface of my book. Based on all the connections this past year (the first event I attended was on Nov 19th 2019) I did some pretty deep digging to figure out: based on my raw, natural gifts – how could I serve my community and the world best? I started to invest in myself – joined a group program, hired a 1×1 life coach, hired a health coach, joined a business group program and the biggest commitment of my life….I put a downpayment to start my accredited certification in LIFE COACHING! on top of that – I decided to take messy ass action and put a date on when I would launch my first youtube video AND podcast episode. Do I have any idea what’s next? No, but if I don’t take fucking messy action now I never will because I am a recovering projectionist that hides being paralyzed by fear in perfection.

In October 2020 I decided I would wait NO more. I would schedule a session of professional pictures at my friends studio – a package that includes HAIR, Makeup, 3 backgrounds, 4 outfit changes and requires lots of confidence. Do I have it? Yes sometimes I do and sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and as a human have those thoughts of “oh man how did you get here? how did you let yourself go?” I then focus on not giving those thoughts truth and seeing that I’m a fucking boss bitch that can bounce back. It’s not like I’m ugly – because your girl is GORGEOUS she just extra thic thic and wants to be healthy. I kept telling myself when I lose the weight it will be my celebration photoshoot and my YouTube, podcast launch announcement. So I kept pushing it out. My highest self was “bitch you are ready now book that shit!” and well I obeyed and here we are. It’s photoshoot day, I weight 304 pounds (I’ve been able to maintain 11 pounds lost thanks to my health coach and my efforts to focus on macros), I have four bombass outfits, I have so many supportive friends and my mom and sister will be able to go and experience this with me. I also have a my power partner that has so graciously obliged to be my “personal assistant” for the day – he’s coming with me from the start to capture my experience and be my extra source of confidence. I keep telling him “I’m a star!” and he goes “you’re a star today! your head wont fit through the door” LOL damn right!!!

Okay so we are about to head out to pick up the cake (omg yes a delicious cake made by our dear friends at Abbie Cakes), get the champagne (because we about to toast to the good life) and up air in the balloons…it’s about to go down!!!!

before I jumped into the shower I looked at myself naked and told myself “you are so fucking beautiful” (as I touched ALL my sexy curves and rolls) and I continued “who cares if you don’t know how to pose or you are afraid it won’t look good – it will be SO MUCH FUN and that’s all that matters” Then I spanked my ass and jumped in the shower.

You know who I am?

I am Marisol Ruiz

I say it all – the good, the bad, the funny, the raw, the real, the every day life.

I am a Connection & Communication Life Coach.

I’m here to serve you – and I’m here to make sure in this journey we call life, we ALL have a seat at that table honey.

Because we don’t have to wait for the perfect time. The perfect weight. The high level of confidence….we are already ENOUGH to fucking shine bright and do some messy FUN, life changing action.

That’s what I call magic.


Marisol Says It All


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