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Hi Friends

It’s a odd time right now that we are living in, isn’t It? I’ve heard a few people say that it’s been such a strange week…and it SERIOUSLY has. So many closures, working from home policies, postponing major events, etc. Right now one of my biggest concerns are the disruption for families that rely on hourly pay, small business owners, elderly that need support and don’t have family, kiddos and parents that rely on school to provide food and support while parents have to work…I’m concerned for those without a job or without insurance. Worried about our undocumented and homeless. Lots of heaviness in my heart as I am an extremely empathetic person. I’m praying and doing what I can to help keep this situation contained. I’m doing my part. Each person counts.

Okay sooo…

I’m not here today to tell you what you SHOULD do or what you NEED to do. You are a grown ass human and you decide what precautions, strategies, next steps you wish you take action on based on your judgment and your perspective in life. I will be sending you energy of kindness, clarity and focus to help you make your choices.

What I am here to tell you is what I AM doing and what my strategy is based on MY judgement and MY perspective in life and to provide you some NON MEDIA, NEWS OUTLET reading and ideas of what to do if and when you decide your vibes are to stay in…literally just a human speaking from her heart.

Background on my decisions: Mama Norma is my mother, my queen, my fucking everything. This woman is a warrior princess goddess and has overcome MANY obstacles with her health. She has Pulmonary Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure. In 2002 they told her she had about a year to live. Fast forward to today, she has the BEST Plumonary Specialist, she has a wonderful cardiologist and the best advocate on her side (my sister and sometimes myself).

Okay Background over.

My Perspective:

  • Am I the healthiest ever? No. I am overweight and I do currently have issues with my blood pressure. Being monitored and controlled right now and steps are being taken – so all in all it’s a decent level of health here. Francisco (boyfriend) and I feel okay with our health and don’t believe we would have a hard time coming back from any virus or flu or cold. If this is teaching me anything (as any hardship or confusing time does) I’m seriously “forced” in a good way to center my focus on health. Ironically, that’s been the intuitive messages I’ve been hearing since the year started.
  • My strategy is centered around my mama and anyone that has low immune support or battles with illness that makes them a fragile target. My strategy is to also pretend I would have a hard time bouncing back in effort to put myself in their shoes. Not just with the coronavirus but also with the flu and any other viruses. This situation made me realize I wasn’t doing my part with all the other viruses or health situations.

My biggest awareness and mindfulness are around the following:

  • Buying some essentials to keep us comfy at home for about two to three weeks. If you are going to ask me if I bought toilet paper the answer is NO! We just bought our regular costco size toilet paper two weeks ago and we don’t need anymore than what we already have. Worst case scenario we have wipes and since Imma be home I can enjoy in washing my booty if needed.
  • Being more mindful of what I touch, washing my hands to the song OOPS I DID IT AGAIN, disinfecting items, not being too close to other people and staying home for a while.
  • Drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins, eating for fuel not for boredom (that’s always so tough for me)

Essentials that I did purchase because I was a bit low on anyway:

    Frozen: strawberries, chicken, shredded beef, salmon, shrimp, chicken nuggets and crinkly fries (I mean fries may not be essential but they looked saaa yummy at sprouts lol)
    Canned goods: Corn (omg I like making my own street elote lol), chili beans, veggie mix and soups. I think I may have bought like 2 or 3 or each.
    Regular food items: Boxed almond milk, asparagus, broccoli, lemons, salad bag, rotisserie chicken, Doritos, TEQUILA, beer, grapefruit vodka, potatoes, pasta, rice, ramen (5), dog food (we were low), dog treats (we were low).

Non Food items purchased because I didn’t have them or low in stock:

  • Kirkland disinfectant wipes: my mom made us buy some, we had like two little packages left.
  • VINEGAR: I love using vinegar to clean the house – mostly use for windows and mirrors and furniture. I add half vinegar and half Palmolive to disinfect the kitchen and the bathrooms.
  • Palmolive: we were totally out and I needed to wash dishes lol
  • Kleenex: Bought a pack for my mom and for myself
  • Mucinex: I had just cleaned our home medicine box and most of the stuff we had was expired.
  • Tylenol and Advil: Had a little left but not enough for two or three people for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Tampons and pads: my periods lately have been really heavy and longer than usual. Happens sometimes. I only had few left so bought some too! I want to start using the cup!!!
  • Restocked some vitamins. Currently I drink superfood organic mix, take organic turmeric tablet and my daily one a day vitamin. I decided to purchase organic raw vitamin C tablet as well as triple omega, b6 and b12. Again this is what works for me, doesn’t have to for you..


  • I’m staying in:
  • Work has asked that we stay home until a tentative date of March 31st
  • Was super excited for a girls brunch with Jess, Cecilia, Rosaura and Brenda but we pushed that to later date. (I love you amigas so much)
  • As much as I LOVE Onefire and Francisco LOVES Litchfield Park Crossfit we are going to suspend our membership for the next month. Again focused on staying in.
  • Only leaving the casita if we need to – the message of AY COMDIA EN LA CASA (there is food at the house) has never been this important to me lol and I hope I do a really good job and remembering lol
  • Organize: Going to kick the garages ass, kitchen, and closets
  • Clean the areas that I hate: Fans, showers, bathtubs
  • I’m going to dedicate time to read, blog and be active consistently on social media.
  • I’m going to have more intentional times with my partner: but we don’t want to make a baby yet so we have to be careful lol
  • I’m going to be better at checking in on friends via text, DMs and what not. If I cant connect with you in person as I love to, Im going to be intentional at reaching out!
  • I’m going to take WALKS around my neighborhood and walk my doggies.
  • I’m going to ZOOM with friends and maybe have virtual dates? How fun!
  • This is also a perfect time to work on building your ideal schedule – google calendar has been my best friend.
  • Francisco is an entrepreneur…our steady income is half real estate and half my corporate job. We are going to focus on our finances and budgets for the months to come. Prepare for the scenario that may not come to flourishing however good to have.

The big struggle in my heart: Make decisions on four big events I am attending in March and early April:

  • I LOVE all the events I am scheduled to attend. I’m watching carefully to see how I can make a decision.
  • The Bliss Project in LA for end of March as officially been postponed! So that solved one of them.


  • My goal is to Practice kindness and think of others whenever I am making a decision that affects me. The world doesn’t revolve around me (sometimes I want it to but that’s normal lol) and I’m making efforts that may seem a little dramatic to some however it’s important to me that I commit support flattening the curve and ensuring what’s in my power to help the overall situation be viable. I’m aware of the statistics, I’m aware of Italy, I’m aware of China, I’m aware of Seattle. I’m not in a Panic…I do sometimes have anxiety and that’s normal because I struggle overall with anxiety and I’m in the process of being okay not knowing whats next. I’m focusing on doing whats in my POWER and in my CONTROL. That’s it.

I’m sending you tons of healing and healthy energy.. I’m sending you lots of love! Please do not feel hurt if I don’t hug you, shake your hand or make physical contact like I normally LOVE to its just temporary..

Also final thought: Something we should always practice….love & respect towards everyone. I don’t tolerate ignorance or racism. Please be mindful, don’t blame one culture, country for what is happening. It does NO good and is so very ignorant.

And as always…

Marisol Says It All. XO

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