#75Hard Challenge – COMPLETED!

HI friends!!! For those of you that don’t know me and found this link of this random blog post – My name is Marisol Ruiz, I’m 32, from Arizona and on Friday August 16th I completed the #75Hard Challenge created by Andy Frisella along with my handsome accountability partner Francisco Isaula. (if my intro was too vague – feel free to go to my “Who is Marisol Ruiz?” Section – you’ll be able to read more about me. Do it!! Then come back and read this blog post. cool?)

If you have the time, are interested or are randomly on the internet and have a few minutes – I’d love to share with you what 75Hard is, why we committed, and the outcome of completing this challenge. So sit back, relax and enjoy ALL my feelings, thoughts and perhaps run on sentences. 🙂 Ready?

What is the #75Hard Challenge?

Glad you asked, let me break it down. #75Hard Challenge is a mental toughness challenge consisting of 6 daily requirements for 75 days straight. The main goal (how I interpreted it) is to break bad cycles, create mental toughness and strong healthy habits to push you past the 75 days to live a life of purpose…FOREVER!

Andy put it like this: “what would you say if I told you I could show you how to 100x the following traits in you:

    • Confidence

And completely transform your life in 75 days, what would that legitimately & realistically be worth to you?”

When I first saw this on his Instagram saved stories I kind of brushed it off like “mmmmokay another person selling me something, promising me it would “change my life” I don’t believe it”. So I decided to research the hashtag #75Hard and was sucked in for a few hours reading posts from people actually in the challenge writing about their experience on day 5, day 18, day 40, day 75. I was hooked – he wasn’t selling anything, I didn’t have to “sign up” for anything, I just had to commit. That’s what I was mostly afraid of – the commitment. Here is where I apologize to Francisco for not taking him seriously for a while when he would DM me Andy’s posts. Lol Sorry Honey but it was perfect timing and we did it when we were both ready!

Anyway….Daily Requirements Were:

1. “Follow a diet. Zero cheat meals for the entire 75 days.”

The “diet” could be anything you wanted it to be as long as you didn’t cheat. My approach was to restrict from the following: No pizza, no ice cream, no flour tortillas, no chips, no soda, no desserts, and no fries. Why did I picked those specific things? I had built an emotional need with these specific foods. I knew this would be extremely difficult to stop eating all at once but I had to show my stupid emotional attachments to food that I was daaa boss. I wanted to have the control.

2. “Workout 2x a day for at least 45 minutes (one of the workouts has to be outdoors…no matter what)”

I was really worried about this one. How in the hell was I going to find time for not just one daily workout but TWO and one having to be outside in the middle of SUMMER in ARIZONA!!!! Workouts were a mix of Crossfit, Bikram Yoga, Indoor Cycle, Inferno Pilates, outdoor walks, pool, indoor weight workouts, etc. I got pretty creative here. I’m pretty sure the dogs lost weight too with all the walking – I loved how happy they were to walk, I am glad I’ll keep this workout going – before I was always “too busy” to walk them. My poor babies.

3. “Drink a gallon of water per day”

I wasn’t too worried about this one, we bought 64oz hydro flasks so the water would stay cool all day and only had to refill once. I tried to finish my first 64oz by 1pm and my second one by 7pm. Most of the days I completed it this way, others it was 10pm and I was TRYING to finish it before going to bed, those nights sucked and I got up a lot to pee. I value water so much – my skin is saaa soft and I felt more endurance when I was hydrated.

4. “Read 10 pages of a non-fiction entrepreneurship/personal development book per day”

By far my FAVORITE requirement. I am addicted to buying books. Audible books did not count, it had to be an actual book. I loved being able to actually take the time daily to sit, pause the daily crazy hustle and read. I FINALLY was giving myself time to read – there were days I went far past the 10 pages. I don’t know about you guys but I get bored reading the same book every day so I had a cycle of 5 books I kept reading and loved them all.

    • Books:
      • The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins
        The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – John C. Maxwell
        Girl Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis
        Hold Me Tight (7 conversations for a lifetime of love) – Dr. Sue Johnson
        Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Travis Bradbury & Jean Greaves

5. “Take a progress pic every single day”

NOT my favorite requirement. I didn’t like taking pictures of myself daily. I understand why but not my fave. Day 1 and Day 74 are progress pictures taken with the same clothes to see the difference. I was so scared on day 74 to try on the same clothes – silly me thinking there may not be any change. I was wrong, so very wrong. I couldn’t wait another day to see my progress figuring one more day wouldn’t make a difference right?

6. No Alcohol for 75 days!

This wasn’t as hard as I thought because drinking water made me not be able to drink anything else. I even had to start buying smaller size coffee because I knew I needed to drink water all day. Not gonna lie though, with this damn heat in Arizona and committing to this challenge in the summer, I craved a super cold beer. We went to the beach one weekend in Mexico – never in over 15 years of going to Mexico have I not drank. I did smell beer and tequila sometimes – girl has to survive some how (omg so dramatic I know).

Ok So Why Did We Finally Commit?

Francisco has been following @AndyFrisella for a really long time, he’d always share some of Andy’s post with me. He likes the very tough love type of motivational posts and Andy’s approach to his challenge is very non-bullshit leave-the-fluff at the front door and face the facts that your life is shit if you don’t make better choices. It’s a bit intimidating for me but it worked. We just were in the worst shape of our lives, we were spending hundreds monthly on gym memberships and not going. We were eating anything we wanted and spending so much money buying groceries with the intent of eating them but we’d end of throwing away so much food. We both suffer from anxiety and feeling overwhelmed so we nines we had to do something drastic. I was extremely intimidated by this challenge because I had NEVER once committed to a challenge all the way until the end. I have always started challenges super excited, pumped and then I would stop and give in to my cravings because I had a rough day, was on my period or too tired to go to the gym. Francisco and I were just desperate for something and we knew we’d have more odds of success if we did it together. Francisco and I have grown individually and together in our relationship (another blog needed separately to share our journey – perhaps one day) but we knew something was missing and we weren’t finding our groove so we fucking decided to face our fears head on and try this challenge that less than 3% of people that try it actually succeed – I was sooooooo focused on beating those odds. I needed it.

How do I Feel After Completing the Challenge?

I feel like a fucking champ.

I feel stronger, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I feel so much love for myself more than I did Day 1.

I feel empowered, I decided to start individual therapy to help me push forward and gain tools in other areas of my life to help me become more successful, centered and happy.

I feel a sense of pride that no one can take.

I feel more confident in my choices in life.

I feel like I am living a more authentic life.

I feel so connected to Francisco, I am beyond proud of him for his commitment to himself and us. I honor his battle with his mental health and still not quitting.

I feel strong with more endurance. I still have NO sense of rhythm on a cycling bike but my ass can stay up longer more than one song now. I can lift better, I feel STRONG!

What Did I Learn From the Challenge?

I don’t need food or alcohol to make me happy. I only need fuel in my body to show it love by making good choices every day.

I was strong enough to want to seek therapy individually. We have a fantastic couples therapist but I felt empowered enough to seek an individual therapist and it was been such an eye opening experience. Learning to make me a priority, build boundaries and remind myself – I am enough just as I am.

I started to create practices to help me during the week. I had to learn to organize my life a little better if I wanted to fit my daily goals into my week…with work, dates, friend activities and family. Google calendar is my best freaking friend.

It was easy to say no to things because I made myself a priority. I was more important than anything else. Friendly reminder – It’s not wrong to be this way friends – it’s how you thrive. Like just how you need to put on your oxygen mask first when the plane is going down before you help someone else put theirs on, you have to make yourself your number one priority! It became easy to prioritize myself and my needs.

I learned about TIME!!! I have it, I’ve always had it. Gurrrrllll You do too.

Final Thoughts:

Success is defined your own way. You are enough, you’ve always been enough. Success is always reachable you just really need to make yourself a roadmap of your life. Knowing it can change and be open to it being ever changing and flexible. Success is getting out of bed, success is showering, success is having a kick ass day at work, success is looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself “I love you”. Success is defined YOUR WAY!

Show yourself grace and be kind to the most important person in the world – YOU!!! We are human, we are going to need to show ourselves love if we intend to live a joyful, fulfilling life. No one should be nicer to you than you are to yourself. And since you’re too busy being kind to yourself, you won’t have any time or energy to be mean to yourself NOR will you let anyone try to bring you down or guilt you into living their dreams. Boyyyy bye! (Or grrrilll bye…not to-day!)

Failure means something else to me now. Failure isn’t a negative thought or situation. EVERY time I failed in the past, has brought me to this divine moment. It has made me who I am today. It doesn’t mean I accept failure, it only means I’m being more open to the idea that I cannot change the past nor should I live in it. What the hell can I do about what I fucked up yesterday, last year, 5 years ago besides learn from it?

Get out of your comfort zone. The only way we can truly live a life worth living is if we take leap of faiths. I’m not saying do it blindly and without having a strategy behind the leap, I’m saying you gotta jump at some point. I was totally out of my comfort zone with this challenge. I didn’t like it at first but after a few days, it no longer was scary – it became addictive.


I want to thank everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE that has cheered us on with all the love and support you have given us. Sometimes I suck at replying but know I appreciate every single comment, direct message, call, text, etc. It really does take support from your tribe/community to be successful and I am beyond blessed with everyone in my life. Even if we have never met in person but we are social media buddies, you matter to me and I appreciate connecting with everyone I have in this journey. I also want to thank my love for keeping me sane and pushing me to keep going, I’m thankful we did this together and we either would have failed together or succeeded together. I knew I couldn’t let myself down nor you. I love you.

Take a look at my before and afters – I am not gonna lie, a little nervous to post them. I stopped weighing myself after week two but I assume I lost maybe 20 pounds? I’m more focus on the non scale victories since this challenge isn’t about losing weight.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my journey. You mean the world to me. Leave me comment, let me know what you think.

And per usual….

Marisol says it all. XO.

don’t mind the messy bathroom…mid week my priority is not to clean lol

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